Best DSLR Camera for Beginners

The idea of getting a new camera is always an exciting one, but with this thought comes the responsibility of picking which suits you best, most especially if you’re a newbie to photography. There are a lot of reviews about the best DSLR cameras for beginners which are readily available online but it might only add to your confusion. If you’re already planning to purchase your first digital single reflex lens camera, then you’ve came to the right place. We will help you decide which to get as we list down the best DSLR cameras for beginners in this article.

The first step to owning the perfect DSLR camera is by deciding which are you going to pick. DSLR cameras are known for their high definition photos and versatility. While it is true that they may come a little bit pricier than other digital cameras, DSLR cameras are worth the price you pay. It is vital that you know  the features of the DSLR camera that you will be choosing so that you are also well aware of what to expect. Below is a list of the best DSLR cameras for beginners, read through and pick which best suit you.


It is always confusing to look for the best DSLR camera for beginners. It comes with a challenge picking from thousands and thousands of brands available in the market today and the plenty options make it very hard for newbies to decide which one to get. However, one model from one of the world’s trusted camera brand has something great to offer you. The Nikon D5500 features a 24.2 megapixel imaging and can reduce image noises very effectively.

Compared to the previous model of Nikon DSLR, the Nikon D5300 which is followed by the Nikon D5500, it is smaller and extremely lightweight. The Nikon D5500 weighs 60g less than the Nikon D5300. This model also has a better grip compared to the latter and it gives you a better and firm hold. If you’re looking for a DSLR camera that gives your finger a lot of wrap-around space, then you will surely love the Nikon D5500. Compared to other models from the Nikon DSLR line, the new Nikon D5500 is made from carbon fiber composite, reinforced with plastic fibers. It is not made from polycarbonate or magnesium alloy, but the durability of the camera is also just as strong as its predecessors.

And because the materials used for this camera is different from the other models, it gives the user a similar feel but a different look. This is no doubt one of the best dslr camera for beginners. Two manual control dials come with your camera, and this feature gives you a great sense of accessible balance and control.


This DSLR comes with an 18-55mm STM lens and is jampacked with a lot of new updates. Both the 7i and 6i carries the same 24.2MP image resolution and they also use the similar technology as to the Canon EOS 80D. This feature produces one of a kind high definition photos that makes any newbie shoot like a pro. The Canon 7i DSLR comes with a new sensor also and it is paired with a DIGIC 7photo processing system. That means you’re getting better ISO noise reduction and extreme autofocus activity.

ISO lighting with the Canon T7i comes from ISO100 to up to ISO25600 which tops the former model, the Canon T6i. If in case it is needed, the Canon 7i DSLR can expand its ISO sensitivity to up to 51,200. The Canon T7i has the same 3.0-inch display that can be swiveled and tilted in various angles. It has a resolution of 1,040,000 dots giving you an ultimately clear touchscreen display. Similar to the Nikon D5600, the Canon 7i does not come with a 4K video capture, it only can go as far as Full HD Video.


Similar to the Canon T7i, this DSLR model is also known by a different name in other regions. The Canon 77D is also known as the Canon EOS 900D. Feature wise, this DSLR model carries the same as that of the Canon T7i and that of the EOS 80D. It also has the same 24MP image resolution and the same 45-point autofocus system. The Canon 77D however comes in a DIGIC 7 image processor and this is the updated version of those on the Canon T7i.

When it comes to weight and size, the Canon 77D DSLR camera for beginners is a little less bulkier than the T7i and 80D and a few pounds lighter too. This model of camera for beginner is considered to be one of those that gives justice to what you pay for. The Canon 77D gives newbie photographers a greater grip and a more controlled layout in its screen. The LCD screen of the Canon 77D is place on the upper right plate of the camera.

One of the many great features of this model is its fast controlling dial that is located at the rear end of the camera and can be locked. This feature can only be seen in mid to high-end DSLR from Canon and cannot be seen on the Rebel line of DSLRs. This feature also makes it easy for the photographer to take firm control of exposures. If you’re eyeing on a smaller LCD for your beginner DSLR, then the Canon 77D comes with a smaller 3” 1.04 million-dot resolution compared to other DSLR for beginners.

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